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Invest Solar

Solar Energy Investment Opportunities

Bloomberg New Energy Finance expects that $3.7 trillion will be spent on solar between 2015 and 2040. Get expert advice in the dynamic and profitable field of solar investing with Invest Solar, a FREE special report on high quality solar energy companies. Along with Invest Solar, you will also receive our informative report America's Energy Revolution: How to Spot the Winners and Avoid the Losers. We will also keep you informed on crucial alternative energy news events in through email updates.

Gain Knowledge of 7 Critical Solar Sectors

Invest Solar shows how solar energy companies are not all the same

Not all solar energy companies are the same, far from it. Invest Solar spells out the enormous variation in
4 principal sectors within the solar industry:

Invest Solar also outlines 3 additional solar investment categories, including:

Our special report will show you how these investments operate and how they interact with each other. By understanding how the solar industry works, you, the investor, will be in a much better position to make informed investment decisions. For example, the three main companies that have a unified solar business model, SolarCity Corp (SCTY), SunPower Corp (SPWR) and SunEdison Inc (SUNE), differ greatly in their execution. Invest Solar shows how to pick the right solar energy companies in this varied field.

Invest Solar explains how technologies vary widely within the 7 sectors of solar energy companies

Invest Solar explains in simple, lay terms which companies are deploying specific solar technologies, and why this is important. For example, there is a huge difference in the strategies Chinese and American companies have taken in producing photovoltaic cells. Invest Solar also describes why utilities choose between generating electricity directly from large photovoltaic arrays, or by using "solar thermal" technology which concentrates heat to generate steam that turns a turbine.

Invest Solar compares over 80 solar energy companies

The only way to truly make an apples-to-apples judgment of solar energy companies is to compare stocks within each of the 7 solar sectors. Invest Solar gives the pros and cons of similar stocks, explaining how they compare to each other. Invest Solar lists companies within each category to show how they measure up to their competitors.

Invest Solar spells out global trends in solar installations

Where has solar Installation activity been most active in recent years? How will these trends likely shift in 2015 and beyond? Invest Solar tells how this landscape of is shifting, and what it means to investors.

Keep Current with the Roen Financial Report

The Roen Financial Report continually tracks all 80+ solar energy companies listed in Invest Solar.

The Roen Financial Report is an up-to-date information service that focuses on high-quality investments in alternative energy industries. This financial website keeps track of all 80+ solar energy companies listed in Invest Solar, in addition to around 250 alternative energy companies. The solar energy companies listed in Invest Solar are in an evolving, dynamic industry that is pushing the envelope of new technologies.

The most exciting and useful feature of Roen Financial Report is the Paradigm Portfolio, a proprietary list of the highest ranked alternative energy investments, including solar energy companies. Only those companies that rise to the top through a vigorous screening process are featured in the Roen Financial Report. This portfolio of exceptional companies contains only stocks considered top picks for the long-term investor.

As Invest Solar points out, there will no doubt be winners and losers. It is important for investors to understand the financial health of these companies; which solar companies are in the right technologies, and which stocks are selling at the right price. The Roen Financial Report continues to follow all 80+ of these solar energy companies, in an effort to bring you, the investor, high quality stock picks.

Find more valuable information on clean energy

In addition to receiving your free special report Invest Solar, readers will get e-mail updates on solar energy developments, as well as other important news on alternative energy investments. Key areas of the alternative energy landscape are covered, including energy efficiency, environmental, fuel alternatives, smart grid, solar and wind. and others. You can unsubscribe at any time, and I promise to never sell or share your e-mail address. This is a free service of the Roen Financial Report designed to help the smart investor navigate the alternative energy landscape.

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Harris Roen

The Roen Financial Report

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Harris Roen is President of Swiftwood Press LLC, publisher of the Roen Financial Report. Harris is a financial writer with over 15 years experience as a professional portfolio manager. His expertise is in finding high-quality alternative energy companies that are building a future less dependent on foreign oil and polluting coal.

Harris is not a financial advisor, and no one at Swiftwood Press acts as a broker for any investment product. The goal is to give you, the reader, valuable information so you can make better investment decisions based on clear, deliberate strategies in an understandable, helpful manner.


I promise never to sell or share your email address!
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